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Hear from ARRO Corn Head Conversion Customers:

corn head conversion

Steve Dewey, Cimarron, KS (runs Deere 616C)
“ARRO is the best milo harvest header we have ever had. We used to have 4 row heads to keep 3 of them in the field, because one was always down for maintenance. To run row heads you had to be a full‐time mechanic! The biggest benefit is that ARRO takes advantage of the durability of late model corn heads. We just don’t have any downtime anymore. A bonus for us is that even in down or lodged milo we can leave standing stalks in the field to catch snow and reduce wind erosion.”

Jeff Lankas, Atwood, KS (runs two Deere 1293’s on Gleaner Combines)
“ARRO Cornhead conversion: What an amazing product to get your down milo back in the bin”

Jeff Uhland, Eads, CO (runs Deere 1293 and a CaseIH 2412)
“The ARRO conversions are the real deal! If you have milo in 30” or similar rows this is the way to harvest. We are 5 generations into growing milo in southeast Colorado and we’ve tried everything; these ARRO’s run and run while doing a great job.”

Heath Asher, Dumas, TX (runs a Deere 616C with plans to convert another for 2019)
“ARRO is the best thing to come around for sorghum harvest since the combine cab ! We have been growing mostly seed sorghum with some commercial dryland milo for over 30‐years and have used every type of combine header made. ARRO is simply the best. We’ve had lodged 7’ tall seed sorghum and with the ARRO system we can get every head, even if they are hanging straight down !”

Clinton Stiawalt, Beeler, KS (runs a CaseIH 2408)
“Huge improvement over other conventional row crop headers being used. Raises the down milo up off the ground so you don’t have to take so much material through the combine, giving you cleaner grain, and it leaves plenty of stalks in the field for No‐Till. We can run twice as fast as a row crop header. ARRO uses the reliability of the corn head’s enclosed gear boxes and standard parts, and daily maintenance is way less, with no grease zerks and knives/belts to maintain.”

Mark Urbanezyk, White Deer, TX (runs two CaseIH 2412’s) “ARRO Conversions did a good job, very simple, very impressive.”

JB Stewart, Keys, OK (runs five Deere 1293’s)
“I have waited this long in my 50‐year career in sorghum looking for something like the ARRO conversions. We started out in 2016 with one header, it worked so well that on a rainy day we did another one, then another one, and we’re up to 5 ARRO conversions now. It is the only way to harvest Sorghum.”

Dave Stroberg, Hutchinson, KS (runs Deere 612C)
“In my 45‐years of growing sorghum, I have used about every different type of milo header, ARRO is the best! By using the Deere corn head as my base, I have a rugged and reliable milo header. Because we don’t have to take stalks and leaves through the combine, even in lodged milo, we can go faster and reduce separator hours and fuel consumption, saving us money in our operation. Leaving the taller stalks helps us because we do graze cattle over the winter.”

Sam Beauchamp, Farnsworth, TX (runs Claas 12‐30)
“We have run about every type of row head and grain platform for milo, the ARRO system is the best. It is simple, reliable and quiet, and ARRO takes full advantage of the durability of my Claas corn head. There is no comparison to the old row heads that required so much maintenance. Plus, with the row heads we were putting 1980’s technology on 500+ HP combines, just asking for trouble.”

Jim Massey, Robstown, TX (runs Deere 893)
“I bought an ARRO conversion kit in 2016 and harvested about 1500 acres, it did a great job, we had a few minor issues with it but the guys at Kopper Kutter and Shield worked with us very well and got the problem solved quickly, it did a great job harvesting milo that was very clean, we managed to take mostly heads and did not have to take any leaves, we did not have to pick up any down milo but I have great confidence that it would work well in that situation. “

Alan Schnewies, Dodge City, KS (runs two CaseIH 3412’s)
“ARRO conversions are reliable with very low maintenance. ARRO improves combine efficiency by 50 percent in down milo. I have run all season for three years now with zero maintenance. “