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ARRO® is a registered trademark product of Kopper Kutter, LLC.

The ARRO® corn head conversion system is developed by Kopper Kutter, LLC of Cimarron, KS, under US Patent number 10,123,480.


ARRO® replaces row crop header technology that costs too much time and money to maintain. ARRO® corn head conversions retain all the highly reliable corn head drive components with very low maintenance required. 

The ARRO® conversion will work at normal cutting speeds, even in heavily lodged or down milo, maximizing the separating power of modern combines. An ARRO® conversion will typically outrun any row crop header or straight cut grain platform, especially in down milo, and it will leave standing stalks in most conditions. With the higher ground speeds achievable with ARRO® conversions, more acres are covered per hour with less separate hours, saving fuel and about $150-$200 per separator hour at combine trade-in time!

STAY IN THE CAB, instead of performing lots of downtime maintenance on row crop headers or getting out to clean out lodged crops in grain platforms. Harvest RIGHT THROUGH tumbleweeds and pigweeds instead of cutting around them, while maintaining normal ground speeds in a wider variety of conditions.

ARRO® is available for all late model Deere, CaseIH, New Holland, Gleaner/Massey/Hugger and Claas Corn Heads. Conversions cost 1/3 to 1/2 of the expense of a new on-purpose row crop header.

1-ROW Kit Number: Conversion for:
KK-882159 Deere 40 & 90-series
KK-882118 Deere 600C early 8-tooth
KK-882076 Deere 600C late 6-tooth
KK-882365 CaseIH 3200-3400-series
KK-882365 CaseIH 22-2400-series
KK-882365 New Holland 96-98-99C
KK-883165 CaseIH 1083
KK-883264 CaseIH 4400-series
KK-882670 AGCO Gleaner Hugger
KK-883249 Claas 8-30, 12-30, 16-30
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